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Get marketing support

Welcome to our marketing support section. In here, you can create, update and order marketing materials to help grow your business.

Below you'll find a short description of the assets you can request to boost your Liquivida presence:

  • $50 Gift Cards: plastic 3.5x2 inches gift cards to promote locations.
  • Business cards: standard 3.5x2 inches, front and back, full color design.
  • Cocktail menu: a legal size (front & back) material that you can use to showcase the prices and general benefits of our signature Liquivida drips.
  • Draw string bags: cloth bag with Liquivida Lounge logo.
  • Event vouchers: letter size vouchers with promotions.
  • Gift bags: custom package with freebies.
  • In-store poster: 11x17 inches posters to showcase services.
  • Gift bags.
  • Ingredient book: a letter size  (front & back) 12 pages book with glossary, prices and ingredients of our nutrient IV & IM products.
  • Kit formulation: a letter size booklet with IV drip dosages.
  • Pens: single color pens with Liquivida Lounge logo. 
  • Product catalog: a half letter size  (front & back) 20 pages material that displays in-depth info about each signature drip and FAQs of nutrient IV therapy.
  • Rack cards: 4x9" (front & back) single cards to promote Liquivida services.
  • Tri-fold brochure: a letter size (front & back) material folded in 3 parts featuring Liquivida products.
  • T-shirts: custom designs with inspiring messages in different sizes to support outdoor events and to serve as swag.
  • USB stick: includes approved videos that feature a wide range of products to be displayed at compatible IV lounge TVs.
  • VIP program membership: a letter size (front & back) flyer with pricing and benefits of our VIP membership program.

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