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senior medical esthetician in fort Lauderdale

Jordan Rupp MA, LFS

Jordan Rupp, MA-LFS
State of Florida, Esthetician License

As a Senior Medical Esthetician at Liquivida Lounge in Fort Lauderdale Beach, Jordan provides valuable expertise in medical aesthetic treatments and facials. During his more than five years of experience in the cosmetic world, he has worked with renowned cosmetic dermatologists and plastic surgeons, while acquiring substantial knowledge of this growing industry.

Jordan has extensive training with multiple medical devices and is keen on the latest advancements in anti-aging and skin care. As a graduate from the Florida College of Natural Health, Jordan is the ideal choice for administering many of our five-star medical-grade aesthetician treatments and therapies. This Includes chemicals peels, micro needling, Ultra High Frequency, Micro Current, and microdermabrasion. New patients undergoing treatment with Jordan will notice that he is keen on adapting treatments to a variety of skin types to achieve optimal results.

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