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Dr. Leonard Hochstein, MD.
State of Florida - ME69623

Dr. Leonard Hochstein’s exemplary career started straight out of high school when he was able to apply directly to medical school as a merit scholar high school student. He attended Louisiana State University Medical Center where he trained with the Department of Surgery and published his first scientific paper. In 1990, he graduated as valedictorian of his class and received his Doctor of Medicine degree.
Between 1990 and 1995, Dr. Hochstein trained in general and trauma surgery at Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas, Texas. During his time at Parkland Memorial, Dr. Hochstein decided that his passion was surgery where he’d have the ability to directly, and somewhat instantly, impact the quality of a patient’s life. It was this desire that fueled Dr. Hochstein’s passion for plastic surgery.
In 1995, Dr. Hochstein served as chief surgical resident at Parkland Memorial. During this time, he published scientific papers, several of which were printed by the Annuals of Plastic Surgery. He received the Academic Award from the University of Miami for achieving the highest score on the Plastic Surgery In-Service Exam (an exam taken by every resident plastic surgeon worldwide).
In 1998, Dr. Hochstein established a surgical center dedicated to the comprehensive care of his plastic surgery patients. Since then, the goal of his practice has always remained the same: to change the quality of a person’s life through self-improvement.
Passion and dedication are what set Dr. Hochstein apart from other board-certified plastic surgeons. Patient care is and always will be his number one priority. He co-authored a paper with the renowned Dr. D. Ralph Millard on the peri-operative care of the plastic surgery patient. Dr. Hochstein is ABPS (American Board of Plastic Surgery) board certified in plastic surgery because he is committed to providing his patients with the safest, most comfortable care possible. Since establishing his thriving plastic surgery practice, Dr. Hochstein has performed over 26,000 breast procedures. He was even awarded Allergan’s Black Diamond Award, which is only granted to the highest level breast augmentation providers. Over 20 years of training and experience have provided Dr. Hochstein with the skills necessary to achieve countless beautiful and natural results.

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