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Physician Assistant at Liquivida in fOrt Lauderdale

chad van horn-PAC

Chad Van Horn, PA-C 
State of Florida - PA9110097

Chad is the lead practitioner at Liquivida Lauderdale Beach, where he provides IV therapy, aesthetic and weight loss injections, wellness lab reviews, hormone balancing therapy, and more. Originally from Portland Oregon, Chad is an NCCPA board certified physician assistant and graduate of Barry University physician assistant program in Miami Florida.

With a background in exercise science and nutrition, he strives to combine holistic patient education with the latest evidence-based medicine. This integrative approach allows him to offer a broad spectrum of treatment options and therapies to help you feel better, look better, do better. His passion is in building the client-provider relationship- making sure the client feels heard, takes an active role in their own care, and has a truly great experience with Liquivida. 

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