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Enhance Your Health with Technology and IV Drips

by Jake Muller on Nov 8, 2016 3:08:07 PM

ENHANCE YOUR HEALTH WITH TECHNOLOGY AND IV DRIPS.jpgOne of the benefits of living in the 21st century is all the new and unique technology being invented. Everyday there is some form of applied science being created to make our lives easier. For example, there is about 60,000 new apps being added to the app store each month and in 2013 there were about 453,902 new apps added. Much of this new technology being implemented is focused on health and aiding people improve their health. We've found, however, that this technology alone won't get you to your peak. In fact combining health technology with IV drips could help you soar past your health goals.

Use Exercise Apps to Boost Your Health


In the digital age it seems that almost everyone now has a smart phone, and with these smart phones come lots of apps to choose from. Many of the best health apps involve helping you plan workouts and giving you customized workouts to best suit your needs. When you're combining these apps with specific IV drips, it helps you finely tune your health goals to your needs. Imagine being able to plan a cardio heavy workout and have the right nutrients flowing through you to keep your energy levels up and your muscles strong. This is especially beneficial to people training for long distance events such as marathons.

Combine Nutritional Apps with IV Drips to Get More Nutrients

Of course besides exercise apps, there are also nutritional apps to help you plan your diet and be able to decide on what are the best foods for you. Some of these apps can tell you what's in the specific food you're buying from the supermarket and what nutrients you need more of to meet your health goals. Luckily, using IV therapy with nutrition apps can help you really lock down on a diet and give your body what it really needs.


Say for instance you get an IV drip that provides many of the nutrients of grain-based foods without all the carbohydrates, you can now plan a diet that isn't carbohydrate heavy in order to lose some of the excess weight that those kinds of foods can cause. You can also download apps that tell you what dietary restrictions you might have. This can help you decide on an IV drip that will provide you with the nutrients you need from those foods but can't physically have through eating.

IV Drips and Sleep Apps to Recharge Your Body


There also plenty of apps out there to help you with sleeping. Sleeping is a very important part of our physical and mental health. If you're a person with difficulty sleeping, there are apps to help you fall asleep easier and wake up without feeling groggy. By combining these apps with IV drips you'll get the additional benefit of having IV drips give you boosts of energy during the day so by nighttime you're ready to sleep. It'll also make waking up even easier because you'll have the right nutrients flowing through you to help your body feel hydrated and revitalized after a long night's sleep.

Wearables to Enhance Your Health

Wearable technology is pretty much like it sounds; its technology you can wear. There are many items of wearable technology out there on the market and a lot of them are health focused. For example there are watches you can wear that will give you real time blood pressure readings to help you monitor it. There are also wearables that can give you a report on your workout and measure your performance.


A good way to measure how IV therapy can improve your workout is by using these wearables during a workouts before and after IV therapy. You will be able to track how your performance has changed as a result. You can also decide on what IV drips to try next. Say you get one IV drip for strength and another for stamina, you will be able to use wearables to see how each workout was affected and what workouts you can plan next. You can even use this with some of the fitness and nutrition apps to really kick your fitness goals into overtime!

Track the Impact of Exercise with Smart Scales

Smart scales are like weight scales but instead of just providing you with your weight, they can give you a lot more information on your overall health. Think of them like scales combined with a computer. For example, you may find one that gives you a reading of your body mass index (BMI) and fat percentage. This can help you decide if you want to do more of a weight loss exercise goal or a strength building exercise goal. Afterwards you can find the right IV drip to help you pursue that health goal to the best of your ability.


Some smart scales can even measure what percentage of your weight is muscles mass versus body fat. You know that feeling you get when you start a workout and the scale says you haven't lost much weight? With the right smart scale you can find out how much of that has been weight loss and how much has been muscle growth. That way you can tailor your workout the way your body needs it and pick the right vitamin IV therapy to help you along that path.

So What Now?

Since there are so many different kinds of technology you can use to improve your health, make sure you pick the right one for your body and your situation. The same thing goes with the IV therapy you choose to go with it. Our health is huge part of our lives, it's important that we are staying healthy so we can really get the most out of our lives. When you're healthy mentally and physically, problems don’t really seems like problems and everything becomes much easier to manage. If you really want to take control of your health and your life, try combining technology with your workouts and IV therapy and you'll really start to see the results.

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