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Try our special
beauty treatments

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reduce signs of aging

Get a refreshed look

Try Dysport® to make your eyes, forehead, and cheekbones look younger than ever!

Obtain fuller, sexier lips

Use Restylane® to enhance the beauty of your lips and facial features to look astonishing in the long-term.

Feel young and powerful

Combine these injections with vitamin IV therapy to get even better results for your body and mind.


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get more things done!

Stop feeling tired

Using vitamin B12 you can get the boost in energy you need to make it through the day, without putting your health at risk.

Recharge your body, naturally

Say goodbye to coffee and energy drinks,  Replace your energy with the right micronutrients, at the right time. 

Be more productive

Use your extra energy to complete more tasks, get off work early, or simply to enjoy more the things you love to do.  

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lose weight safe and fast

Going to the gym?

Good. Combine your workouts with Lipotropic shots to burn fat in difficult areas of your body. 

Speed up your metabolism

We know you love the gym, but it's time consuming. Trim more inches off your body faster with our tried and true nutrition techniques.

Choose what to sculpt

Maybe you're self-conscious about your love handles and extra belly fat. If so, choose any area of your body and let the Lipotropic shot do the heavy lifting for you. 

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fight a vitamin d deficiency

Strengthen your body 

Vitamins are vital to all of your body's functions, such as cell growth, tissue generation or bone strengthening. 

Don't worry about the sun

Vitamin D enters your body when your skin is exposed to sunlight, but we all know what risks come from excessive exposure to it. Take this vitamin D injection to enjoy all of its benefits without the risks.

Worried about your diet?

The way you eat can have a direct impact on your vitamin D levels, depending on your body's makeup. Our physicians can help you get the right amount of nutrients without interfering with your eating habits.

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